October 24, 2003

eBay and the PDC

So I had a little scare earlier this week, my contract here in Tokyo was getting extended, and I figured I may have to give up my PDC pass... but I didn't really know anyone that wanted it personally (Floyd at TheServerSide.com briefly wanted it, but found somone else!).

So I tried to put it up on eBay. After over 2 days of no bids, I figured I would just work the weekend here and fly in to LAX on Monday (out of Tokyo at 4:30pm Monday, into LA at 8:45am. Figure that one out).

But then I received at least 3 emails from people that were going to bid on the item! AND two journalists wondering if I've sold it. Lesson to the wise.. in most eBay auctions it's good to wait -- except when the person has a bunch of hotels and flights to reschedule and is worried when there aren't any bids. Please, no requests to put it back on eBay, my mind is set now :)

But, I can't complain, I have really been looking forward to this conference, it is but only the next step in my Cunning Plan to straddle several technology worlds - J2EE, .NET, and Oracle, and open source...muhaha

Posted by stu at October 24, 2003 07:54 PM