December 01, 2004

That's some fast sorting

Ordinal Software's NSort algorithm set the world sorting record earlier this year -- 33 GB read, sorted, and re-written in 59 seconds, and 1 TB read, sorted, and re-written in 33 minutes. Hardware was an NEC 32-way Itanium2 server with 128 GB ram, 8 QLogic Fibre Channel HBAs @ 2 Gb/sec, and 8 Eurologic SAN blocks w/ 14 disks (36gb / 15k RPM) each, 112 total.

It's designed for SMP or NUMA machines and is multi-OS. I'm curious if modern cluster interconnects (10 GigE or 10 Gb Inifiniband) could work with this approach, assuming one had the appropriate systems software.

Posted by stu at December 1, 2004 12:36 AM
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