March 17, 2005


I caught this cello-based metal/rock/classical band last night in Toronto. One of the more entertaining live acts I've ever wtinessed, I can't remember grinning ear-to-ear as much. They played a mix of original songs and covers, most notably a bunch of old Metallica tunes, and a Sepultura track. They teamed up with Slayer's Dave Lombardo for select drum tracks on their last two albums, though he's not touring with them. I've been following these guys since 1996, when they released their first Metallica covers, and they've certainly risen past the "gimmick" stage, they're the Real Deal now.

Anyhow, for Americans, they're playing in Austin TX and California later in the week, I would suggest you check them out if you like heavy and fast music with a classical twinge.

Posted by stu at March 17, 2005 11:54 AM