February 18, 2006

being a road warrior

This past week I was in Calgary and Houston (one day each, with a conference in Toronto in the middle), next week is Ottawa and New York, the week after, Las Vegas. Later in March, it will be Vancouver, Boston, San Jose, Edmonton, Calgary (again). Having said that, I don't think I'm that crazy a traveller -- there are the Star Alliance Gold folks who seem to live in the air...

My gadget friends on the road...

  • Sennheiser PXC 250 noise-cancelling portable headphones - perfect for drowning out babies crying on the airplane with some music or a podcast. It even has the dual-pronged airline headphone adapter.

  • my black iPod nano 4gb

  • Cold-fX - after experiencing the havoc that travel, lack of sleep, and overwork wreaks on my body, I've turned to this at the first sign of cold symptoms... it seems to work.

  • Dell Latitude D800, soon to be replaced by a D810 and possibly a MacBook Pro. I found this laptop has the best performance to heft ratio when I got it in late 2004; it's 7.1 lbs , which was only .3 heavier than my 17 inch Powerbook G4, but the Pentium M 2ghz + 2 gigs ram + 7200 rpm + decent battery makes for a great on the road desktop-replacement -- it's what most BEA consultants use in Canada.

  • Blackberry 7780. I've been a Crackberry man since mid-2000, with the original 950. I've since had a 957, the first phone-enabled 5810, and I'm now on my second 7780 (the first sadly was dropped and screen-cracked after 3 months) since Summer 2004. It has treated me well; unfortunately ever since I upgraded to Blackberry 4.0, though, it's been slower, though I enjoy the new BB messenger. Web browsing is also glacial, I think i'll need to grab an EDGE phone like the 8700r this summer.

  • The Economist - short & deep enough for great reading material, before cracking into books

  • Apple Airport Express which has proven invaluable for those "I wish we had a WiFi network here" moments. The great part is it works with PC's, and has proven remarkably robust -- when the D-Links of the world fall over at 12-16 clients, this little guy has served as many as 21 laptops in a room at once.

Posted by stu at February 18, 2006 12:58 PM