February 16, 2007

music trends

As much as difficult political situations suck, it certainly does (eventually) generate a lot of good music. Many underground styles are becoming quite mainstream. Drone doom, Black metal, Glitch Industrial, etc. And even old stalwarts are making a solid comeback.

Chicago Tribune: Black Metal Rises from the Shadows. Good quotes from Abbath. His band, -- I -- has released on of the best quality and most accessible black/thrash metal albums of 2006.

Sunn 0))) + Boris Collaboration, "Altar". Though it's not representative of the droney, mostly instrumental, album, it contains a gorgeous and accessible track worth hearing repeatedly. Also on iTunes

Skinny Puppy's Mythmaker, which some are calling their most accessible and relevant album in 13+ years. I AM THE UNDISPUTED LIE. OH YEAH.

Coming soon, the new Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero. Complete with viral marketing campaign. My Violent Heart is a leaked track.

Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli. The reigning kings of popular black metal, with their first major release in 4 years. In Toronto on April 22nd!

Posted by stu at February 16, 2007 12:08 AM