February 26, 2007

oscar! oscar!

I'm an Oscar nut. I think I've watched every one of them since I was 2 years old. I find they're long and can drag, but otherwise are a fabulous Sunday night. As fun as watching the Superbowl. Yep, I guess I'm odd.

Marty Scorcese gets his well-deserved Oscar. I think The Departed was by far the best movie of the year, followed by The Queen. I think Little Miss Sunshine is good, but not that good. Pan's Labyrinth had a better screenplay. But at least Pan's got three well-deserved golden dudes.

I liked Ellen. She started off nervous, but seemed to improve, with only a few bad jokes. The Jack Black, Will Farrell & John C Reilly skit was hilarious, as were Steve Carrell & Greg Kinnear, and even Jerry Seinfeld was ok.

The Oscars this year seemed goofier, quirkier, more self-aware that all the glam and pomp is just a front. Which does seem a bit like Ellen's personality. It was a long night, dragged at times, but felt a bit livelier than last year (though I enjoyed Jon Stewart).

Posted by stu at February 26, 2007 09:51 AM