March 07, 2007

canadian copyright

Michael Geist seems to be one of the few public personas fighting the good fight against the copyright fascists south of the border, and within our own borders. There's also the Canadian Music Creators Coalition, which contains most major Canadian bands that have split from the CRIA, to the point that the CRIA now basically looks like a U.S.-artist Lobby Group within Canadian borders.

I really hope this becomes an election issue. Copyright is not ACCESSright, but that's exactly what large monied interests are turning it into: making it a criminal offense to access any form of content in a way they don't approve of -- perpetually until the end of time. No public domain. No free exchange of ideas. Every original expression with a price tag.

I believe the free market can certainly encourage art, ideas, music, and new expression, and that such things should be protected. But the point is to incent the creation of *new*, *innovative* ideas, not to create perpetual annuities for the distributors of such services.

Posted by stu at March 7, 2007 09:42 AM