June 22, 2007


For months, industry analysts have warned about e-mail access, security and whether the voice quality of the iPhone will be up to corporate standards. Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney is finalizing a report describing iPhone concerns, but would not discuss it until its release next week.

"Lots of Gartner clients are asking" about iPhone for business uses, Dulaney said. "They are scared of this device."

courtsey PCWorld

I read this, and I'm afraid of these businesses. Have we lost all sense of reason and fun? I mean, I get that it takes work & thought to support new devices, but that's the job of an IT department.

The press seems to be drumming up drama here, and I'm not sure the point -- is it to see Apple fail in some way? Is it to point out the flaws in corporate IT's stodginess? Or both?

Posted by stu at June 22, 2007 04:01 PM