May 29, 2003

fatter, bigger pipes

What's driving bandwidth growth these days? Porn, of course. And music too.

I've been downloading mp3s since 1996... 7 years later, someone actually comes up with a decent online distribution model.

Posted by stu at 07:54 AM

May 28, 2003

i still have a pulse

I put this up at the beginning of the year in a spurt of excitement that hit me when I really began to discover the explosion of blogs on the interweb.. I had a lot of essays and posts scattered throughout the web, it might have been a good idea to smoosh them together into a central site.

But of course, like all exciting things, my eagerness to publicly blather about my thoughts faded over time, to the point that this thing has grown rather moldy from under-use.

Perhaps I'll change that soon. I just got really sleepy reading a bunch of posts on AskTom and felt like writing something of my own to wake myself up.

Posted by stu at 03:25 PM